• Daily Mastodon Instance Maintenance

    Going forward, daily maintenance of the server that runs the mastodon.ameth.org Mastodon instance will take place at 10am UTC. The server will experience some slowness for 1 to 2 hours around that time.

  • TheLounge IRC Client now available on irc.ameth.org!

    We have added TheLounge to our software offerings. If you’re interested, email koree@ameth.org to get access. If you already have access, you can log in at https://irc.ameth.org/

  • Ameth Mastodon Instance

    We have our own Mastodon instance now! If you’re interested in joining our community, please visit https://mastodon.ameth.org/. All signups have to be approved, and we are keeping our community small, so please fill out the section on why you want to join our community!

  • Welcome!

    There’s not much here yet, but there will be soon!